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Spacious light-filled kitchen and living room with large kitchen island.

Print House in Hackensack Now More Than 80% Leased, ROI-NJ, Sept. 19, 2022

The fact that Print House has found tenants for 80% of its newly available Phase One properties is detailed in an article in ROI-NJ. The piece focuses on the speed at which the building has been filling and on the outstanding features that make this property in Hackensack, New Jersey, so instantly desirable. Speaking with Adam Pasternack, who is the CEO of Print House’s Russo Property Management, Linda Lindner of ROI-NJ found out why the building hits a particular sweet spot with prospective tenants. As Pasternack explains it: “The right mix of Class A construction, convenient location and transportation options, plus an excellent value away from the Gold Coast has struck the ideal chord for our residents.” These perks, along with Print House’s impressive suite of amenities (which include a rooftop terrace with NYC views, an eagerly anticipated riverwalk, and a public green space), have made a hot spot out of what was once the home of the Record newspaper, and what is now the largest residential project in Hackensack.